This is a superhero comics, it was created in 1936 by Stan Lee. Stan Lee has created a lot of superheroes like Spider-Man or Daredevil Fantastic Four.

Tony Stark the character designs Iron Man is a wealthy industrialist in the field of armaments, he spends his time building weapons and play Playboy. One day he was ambushed and he was taken prisoner. Shrapnel is lodged in his chest. To save himself he decided to build a device that prevents the shrapnel coming are perforated heart, the same device can develop an over-powerful energy, which allows it to activate a powerful armor, and thus escape these enemies.
Tony Stark n’à no superpowers, but his armor equipped with ultra modern weapons, it can fly at several times the speed of sound, and fights against several formidable enemies.

Find the armor of Iron Man in 3D format max and V-ray. :

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