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Ferrari Achilleo concept high detailed rigged 3D model, V-rray and standard materials. Multiple import formats, Designed by Jose Casas

Author : Fabio Bellardi


All parts have been carefully modeled on real reference pictures. Wheels, body, interiors doors, logos, cameras, lights etc are grouped for an easy management of the scene.

Linear workflow gamma 2.2 optimized textures

WHEELS RIGGED (Dummy and manipulator)

All parts are STILL EDITABLE, stacks not collapsed. Changing meshsmooth iterations this model become suitable for every kind of needs: realistic animations and super realistic stills.

All Materials and 4096x4096 textures included diffuse, specular, bump, displacement. Unwrapped UVs Really easy to customize the car body texture and export in different formats.

Lighting set, 2 vray physical cameras in the scene.

1 HDRI image, 1 mat file

Max 9 Vray and standard materials (mentalray built-in engine), multiple formats available:


Polycount with no meshsmooth iterations

57514 polygons
59361 vertices

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Ferrari Achilleo concept car

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