Today we highlight the 3D model of a blue tramway.

The tramway, more commonly the tram, is a form of urban or interurban transport with steel wheels running on railways equipped with flat rails and which is installed in a clean site or recessed by means of grooved rails in road network. Today, it is usually electric traction powered by a catenary.

The word “tram” comes from a Flemish word c.1500, “beam or shaft of a wheelbarrow or sleigh”, also “a wheelbarrow body or a truck” (1510s), Scottish, originally in reference to iron trucks used in coal mines, probably from Flemish tram “Middle beam, handle of a wheelbarrow, bar, sounded”, a Germanic word North Sea of ​​unknown origin.

The word “tramway” comes from the English tram-way consisting of tram, “flat rail”, and way meaning “way”. The term “tramway” therefore designates a track formed of two parallel rails on which vehicles circulate. This same vehicle by extension is also commonly called tramway.

Another source is the name of the English inventor Benjamin Outram, and this means of transport used in the mines would have been called Outram-roads or Outram-ways.

In Quebec, the driver of a tramway was called the engine guard. In France, the term wattman fell into disuse, unlike French-speaking Switzerland.

Available for sale in formats: 3ds, fbx, max, mxs, Scandline, obj, Fryender, Mental Ray, Dxf.


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