Today we present you the 3D model of a new generation gadget, that of a Go Pro camera.

GoPro, formerly Woodman Labs, is a San Mateo, California-based company that has been marketing action cameras since 2004 as HERO and drones (since October 2016). Its founder is Nick Woodman.

These cameras, prized by practitioners of extreme, mechanical, aquatic sports, are also increasingly used by scientists, for recreational uses or by television.

The first HERO action camera model was launched in 2004, it has been very successful and has revolutionized the way in which the sport has been filmed, to the point that new improved models have been regularly released until the HERO HD 5 announced in September 2016. Uses have also spread to areas other than sport (television, leisure, scientific applications …).

Available for sale in the following formats: .max, .c4d, .obj, .fbx.


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