Christmas is fast approaching, we want to share this beautiful Christmas tree in 3D.

Perfect for the end of year renders on this occasion.

The Christmas tree is a pagan tradition (often associated with Christmas gifts and Christmas crib), Christianized in some local Christian churches in Europe throughout the Middle Ages, and widespread from the nineteenth century. Under Queen Victoria: Prince Albert introduced on British soil this tradition from his native Saxony while in France, it will be broadcast by Alsatian and Lorraine opting.

Christmas trees can be sold cut or potted, allowing replanting at the end of the festivities. The replanted fir tree can itself serve as an outdoor Christmas tree: the generalization of “all weather” electric garlands allows individuals to decorate a tree in their garden, often visible from the street, as well as the facade of their house.

The use of plastic artificial fir, often foldable, reusable, is an alternative to that of natural fir. Some of these trees are sold “snowy” (the leaves are white plastic or they are covered with a white powder) or even decorated (balls and garlands pre-hung) or scented. This treatment can also be done on natural firs. The public image of a plastic tree is not as good as that of a natural tree, but it is often the cheapest (long-term), least messy and most practical (no elimination of fir to predict) for who lives in town. In addition, the variety of sizes allows you to choose a fir corresponding to the available space in the house. However, although it is reusable for several years this type of tree is anything but ecological (see the Environment section below) and its ecological impact is much more important than a natural tree.

Available in 3D formats: max, obj, c4d, fbx, ray, scanline, v-ray, advanced render.


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