We highlight the 3D model of a cosmetic set for women.

A cosmetic is a substance or mixture intended to be brought into contact with various superficial parts of the human body, in particular the epidermis, hair and capillary systems, nails, lips, external genital organs, teeth and oral mucosa , Solely or principally for the purpose of cleaning, protecting, perfuming, maintaining in good condition, modifying their appearance or “correcting” the odor.

Cosmetics are products of hygiene and embellishment that remain superficial in their actions.

More generally, cosmetics is the art of embellishing things without changing its intrinsic nature. The term is used, for example, in computer science to designate the result of a processing operation that changes the appearance of the result (presentation, order of elements, etc.) without changing the data thereof.

Cosmetic work is called cosmetic work when something has to undergo a presentation treatment without being modified in depth from the dermis or the body … Cosmetics modify the appearance with superficial products, makeup, odors, hygiene, cleanliness, etc. .



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