Today we present the 3D model of a new generation gadget, that of a 3D drone.

A drone or unmanned aircraft designates an aircraft without human on board (but most often remotely controlled). The drone may have civilian or military use. In France, the regulations incorporate aeromodelling activities with that of drones2. Drones are used for the benefit of the armed forces or the security forces – police, customs – of a State.

Its size and mass (from a few grams to several tons) depend on the capacities sought. Automatic or ground-based piloting allows long flights of several tens of hours (compared to the two hours of autonomy of a fighter).

Some non-ballistic missiles, in particular cruise missiles, have the aerodynamic appearance of drones, but are not reusable because destroyed at the end of the mission, unlike the drone that is brought back to its base.

In France, regulations are the responsibility of the Civil Aviation Code, the Transport Code and the DGAC. In the United States, unmanned aerial vehicles are controlled by the FAA and NASA 3. In Europe, the national authorities are responsible for less than 150 kilograms for EASA.

Available for sale in the following formats: .max, .c4d, .obj, .fbx.


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