We present a slide elements in 3D.

A water slide, or water slide in Québec1, is a type of slide, most often located in a water park, or even a swimming pool, beach or recreation park, the shape of which is designed to be used with water, water.

The route is constantly fed by a system of pump recycling water, allowing to simply moisten the surface or create a real current. Passengers can use it as a classical slide, or with boats (buoys, canoes, carpets, etc.). The friction is reduced by aquaplaning thanks to the thrust of the water which improves the accelerations, but can conversely perform braking at high speed.

In order to ensure a safety interval between the departures of each passenger or buoy, the departure signal is given either by a red-to-green light every 30 seconds or by a monitor giving a whistle Or launching the buoy. Another monitor can also monitor reception for proper evacuation. The arrival is carried out in a flat and straight braking platform or platform, which is increasingly used to avoid the risk of drowning accidents.

The majority of water parks are located in coastal areas. In Île-de-France, the main and only major aqua park today is the Aquaboulevard, located in Paris.



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