Today to finish this week, we highlight the 3D model of a boat, that of a ferry.

A ferry, ferry, ferry, ferry (in Quebec, New Brunswick and St. Pierre and Miquelon) is a boat whose main function is to transport road or rail vehicles with their cargo and their passengers in sea crossings.

A ferry usually has passenger decks and holds for vehicles that embark and disembark by means of a pivoting articulated ramp. Different types of boats are used, the choice is generally determined according to the following criteria:

Their multi-storey design and the existence of a low bulkhead garage bridge make them dangerous and the number of accidents is relatively high. On the other hand, the oil fuels not or little desoufrés are source of significant polluting emissions; two points that some companies are seeking to better take into account.

Available in 3ds, fbx, max, mxs, Scandline, obj, Fryender, Mental Ray, Dxf.


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