We present you today the 3D model of a Halloween pumpkin.

Halloween or Halloween (Canadian usage) is a traditional folk and pagan festival from the Anglo-Celtic Islands celebrated on the evening of October 31st, the eve of the All Saints Christian holiday. His name is a contraction of the English All Hallows-Even which means the eve of All Hallows’ Day in contemporary English and can be translated as “the day before all the saints” or “the vigil of All Saints”.

Despite its Christian and English origin, the vast majority of sources present Halloween as a legacy of Samain’s pagan festival, which was celebrated by the Celts early in the autumn and was a kind of celebration for them. year. Halloween is known to this day as Oíche Shamhna in Gaelic. It is a very popular holiday in Ireland, Scotland and Wales where there are many historical records of its existence. Jack-o’-lantern, the iconic Halloween lantern, is itself an Irish legend.

Available in formats: C4D.



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