Here is today the 3D model of a London bus.

The bus is, in London, one of the means of public transport of the city with the subway, the train, the DLR and the tramway.

London buses owe their celebrity to the famous double-decker buses in red. The bus has two floors.

Buses have been used on the streets of London since 1829, when George Shillibeer set up his horse-drawn Paddington service to the City. In 1850, Thomas Tilling launched his own omnibus network and as early as 1855 the London General Omnibus Company (LGOC) was founded to merge and regulate the various companies operating this growing market.

The LGOC began using motorized buses in 1902, and built them on its own in 1909. In 1904 Thomas Tilling launched his first motor bus service. The last horse-drawn highway was retired on October 25, 1911, although independent operators used them until 1914.
Omnibus of the London General Company in 1903

In 1909, Thomas Tilling and LGOC began discussions to pool their resources. The final agreement limited Thomas Tilling’s expansion into London, and allowed the LGOC to merge most of the competitors. However, also in 1909, Thomas Clarkson founded the National Steam Car Company to operate steam buses competing with the LGOC. In 1919, the National agreed with the LGOC to withdraw from the London transport market, and the steam buses ceased to be operated.

Available 3D formats: 3ds, fbx, max, mxs, Scandline, obj, Fryender, Mental Ray, Dxf.


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