Today we highlight the 3D model of a toy monster-shaped toy.

A monster is an individual or a creature whose appearance, or even behavior, surprises by its deviation from the norms of a society.

The plush is a textile with a touch similar to down or fur. It is a fabric with, on one side, silky and brilliant hair, longer and less tight than those of the velvet to which it is related. It is used in the furnishing, in the manufacture and especially in the manufacture of toys of children in the form of animals.

By extension, a plush toy is made up of padded plush representing a character (animal or other); In Quebec, where the use of cuddly toys is not frequent, it is used in everyday language to describe a plush toy.

Teddy bears are usually found in toy stores or souvenir shops. The fluffs come in various sizes, from the keychain to life-size models. The characters represented are mostly animals and especially bears; There are also so-called “licensed” fluffs with the image of heroes of cartoons for example

Available for download in: max, obj, c4d, fbx, mental ray, scanline, v-ray, advanced render, v-ray


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