We highlight the 3D model of a black parabola.

A parabolic antenna, commonly called a parabola by the general public, is an antenna with a paraboloidal reflector, based on the geometrical properties of the curve called parabola and the surface called the paraboloid of revolution. This antenna, which is referred to as a universal antenna since it operates in theory on any frequency or wavelength, is only used from the L band at 1.1 GHz and when a high antenna gain is sought . It is considered that the interest of a parabolic reflector is only felt from a diameter greater than 4 times the wavelength of the signal to be transmitted. Unless otherwise noted, radio amateurs use this type of antenna especially above 430 MHz, with parabolas thus exceeding 3 meters in diameter.

Available in download formats: max, c4d, obj, fbx, mental ray, scanline, advanced render, v-ray.



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