To conclude this week, we highlight the 3D model of a solar panel.

A solar panel is an energy device based on solar thermal or photovoltaic collectors and designed to convert solar radiation into thermal or electrical energy.

There are three types of solar panels:

Solar thermal panels, called solar thermal collectors, solar collectors or simply solar collectors, which trap heat from solar radiation and transfer it to a heat transfer fluid;

Solar photovoltaic panels, called photovoltaic modules or simply solar panels, which convert solar radiation into electricity. Photovoltaic solar is commonly known as PV.

Hybrid photovoltaic panels that combine the two previous technologies and produce both electricity and heat while improving the efficiency of photovoltaic solar panels avoiding overheating of the modules. The combination of these two technologies can be considered as cogeneration.

In all three cases, the panels are usually flat, with a surface approaching more or less the m² to facilitate and optimize the installation. Solar panels are the basic components of most solar energy production equipment.

Available in 3D formats: c4d, fbx, max, mxs, obj, v-ray, advanced render, fryrender, maxwell, mental ray, scanline.


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