We present the 3D model of a bowl with various grapes.

The grapes are the fruit of the Vine (Vitis). The Vitis vinifera grape is one of the most cultivated fruits in the world, with 68 million tonnes produced in 2010, behind citrus fruits (124 million), bananas (102 million) and apples (70 million). It is in the form of clusters composed of numerous grains, which are on the botanical plan of the berries, small and light in color, for white grapes (greenish, yellowish, golden yellow) or darker for red grapes (Purple, pink or black-purple).

It is used mainly for the manufacture of wine from its fermented juice (in this case it is called wine grape), but it is also consumed as a fruit, either fresh, table grapes, dry, raisins that are Used mainly in pastry or in the kitchen. Grape juice is also consumed. From the berries, grape seed oil is also extracted.

The main cultivated species are:

Vitis vinifera, originating in South-Eastern Europe and the Near East and Caucasus, from which flow all the great grape varieties for wine and table grapes.
Vitis labrusca, originally from North America, is used mainly as a table grape and a little for wine. When the European vines were attacked by the Phylloxera, European grape varieties could be saved by grafting them on strains of Vitis labrusca.

Very incidentally, Vitis coignetiae is grown in Korea for its table grapes and for making wine. In China, Vitis amurensis is grown in the northeast (4000 ha in Jilin) ​​for wine production.

Available in 3D formats: max, obj, c4d, fbx, dxf, 3ds, fryrender, mental ray, v-ray.



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