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Today we present the 3D model of a mushroom.

Mushroom (shiikate) modeled and materialized without the use of textures. The materials are […]


3D Library highlights a pair of curtains with 3D veil to complement your different 3D renderings.

A curtain is a piece of cloth […]


Today, through the blog of 3D library we put forward the model 3d of a modern intercom of brand Samsung.

An intercom is […]


We put forward the 3D model of a table football.

Table football (in France) is a game simulating a football game on a […]


We put forward the 3D model of a box of knives in 3D.

Perfect to complete the 3D rendering of a kitchen.

A […]


Today we highlight the 3D model of a Philips electric fryer.

A fryer is a cooking utensil that allows frying food. In the 20th […]