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Today we present the 3D model of a kitchen utensil, that of a pressure cooker in stainless steel.

This 3D model […]

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Today we highlight the 3D model of English coins, banknotes and coins.

The British pound sterling, in English pound sterling, generally abbreviated pound) is […]


Here is the 3d model of an overhead projector video.

A video projector is a projection device designed to reproduce a video source […]


We present today through the blog of 3D Library, the 3D model of an encyclopedia collection on anatomy.

An encyclopedia is a book, […]


Here are today’s presentation of a set of 3D models, those ashtray design KUP KOOP.

They will agree […]

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Here is today the 3D model of a reading lamp with its 3D objects.

A reading lamp or reading light, is a floor […]