First day of December, Christmas is coming soon!

Today, the Christmas party has become strongly secularized and is no longer necessarily celebrated as a religious holiday. Christmas is a holiday in many countries, which allows family reunion around a festive meal and the exchange of gifts. The second day of Christmas (26 December) is also a public holiday in several northern European countries (Poland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Scandinavian countries) as well as in France, in the three departments of Upper Normandy. Rhine, Bas-Rhin and Moselle. It also allows participation in Christmas Masses for those celebrating the feast in its religious form. After Easter, Christmas is indeed the second most important holiday of the Christian liturgical calendar. Christmas is one of the three Nativities celebrated by the Catholic Church, the other two being that of John the Baptist on June 24 and that of Mary on September 8.

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Christmas 3D object


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