To start the week, we highlight the 3D model of a French fire truck.

The fire van is a fire truck used primarily in firefighting. It is usually the basic fire truck and is, therefore, often multifunctional.

The first fire engines were hand pumps on carts, towed either by men or by horses.

Around 1800 firefighting in England was divided among several private companies, some of which, in order to distinguish themselves from their competitors, adopted the vermilion red, a distinctive and clearly identifiable color that gradually asserted itself. Red is adopted in many countries where English materials are delivered or are convinced of the visibility of this color during interventions and their impact on the population.

In France, firemen were traveling in Paris in green and black carts, in reference to their bodies of genius. In 1885, they received steam pumps from England red vermilion, repainted their vehicles with this color that gradually imposed in the province.

However, some companies adopt yellow canary or lemon green more visible in the middle of fog, smoke or under the artificial lights of big cities.

Available formats for download: max, c4d, 3ds, obj, fbx, mental ray, scanline, v-ray, advanced render.


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