We present to you today, the 3D model of a gray sports bike in 3D.

A sports bike refers to a motorcycle category that is distinguished from the rest of the production by a fairing and a forward driving position facilitating aerodynamics and generally a design reminiscent of competition.

The terms “supersport” or “hypersport” refer to types of sport bikes.

Since the goal of these bikes is to provide the best cornering speed and angle, they are usually equipped with engines optimized for high-speed riding and powerful brakes.

At equal capacity, they are often more efficient and more fragile than machines in other categories and often lighter.

Sometimes derived from competition models, motorcycles that have been homologated for road use (rear view mirrors, anti-pollution standards, lights, turn signals and license plates) remain of limited interest in everyday life in urban or highway environments (due to the driving position, the damping and the maneuverability when stopped).

Formats available for sale: max, obj, c4d, fbx, mental ray, scanline, v-ray.



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