To finish this week, we put forward through the blog, the 3D model of a system of intercom of the brand Samsung.

An intercom is a phone that uses an internal network; It is not connected to the telephone network. It is often equipped with a loudspeaker and allows communications over short distances, usually inside a building. An intercom can be placed at the entrance of a building in order to control the access to it, is sometimes doubled by a videophone. In this case, it is also referred to as an intercom (especially in Belgium). It is then often equipped with a system allowing the opening of a door remote, called “gatekeeper”.
A recent DECT / GAP intercom offering allows the device to be included in the internal telephone network of the house and to have access to the telephone network. In France, it is part of the electronic systems defined by the standard AFNOR NF X50-785. The intercom becomes an element of a network of home automation.

There are simple intercoms for single-family homes and intercoms designed for collective apartments. Some are equipped with video, in electrical installation. This wiring diagram can be connected to the outside with only two wires or 4 to 6 wires while controlling an electric strike. The latest generations are two wire and electronic. We even see computer models compatible with TCP / IP.

The acoustic tube is the ancestor of the intercom.

It replaces the knocker and the concierge.

Available for purchase in 3D formats: max, c4d, obj, fbx, mental ray, scanline, advanced render, v-ray.


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