Here today prominently on the blog, the 3D model of a Nelson brand fan.

A fan is a device intended, as its name suggests, to create an artificial wind, a draft.

The first fans were moved by human or animal force. Large centrifugal fans have been driven by steam and then electrical machines (eg for the ventilation of underground mine tunnels, and now the fans are driven by an electric motor that drives a propeller or turbine.

Fans can be used for all compressible fluids; they are used for both comfort and industry.

In the summer a fan provides a feeling of freshness to a human being by facilitating the evaporation of perspiration and by homogenizing the temperature of a room, but does not allow to lower the temperature, the driving elements on the contrary give off a little of heat (The “felt heat” is a function of the temperature but it decreases with the speed of the air, which explains why, in summer, the movement of air, caused by a fan, will refresh people by accelerating the evaporation of perspiration while if the weather is cold and wet it will refrigerate them.

Formats: max, 3ds, c4d, obj, fbx, ray, scanline, v-ray, advanced render.


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