Today we present the 3D model of a pair of binoculars in 3D.

Binoculars are a magnifying optical binocular device for observing objects at a distance, consisting of two symmetrical goggles mounted in parallel.

The interest of binoculars in relation to a single telescope is, to some extent, able to preserve stereoscopic vision. Some very long range naval binoculars are even designed with a large spacing of the input optical axes, so as to improve depth perception for distant objects.

On the other hand, the binoculars, called Galileo’s, which have concave eyepieces, and give objective, unreversed images, and have straight tubes without elbows. The distance between their optical axes being that of the eyes of the observer (interpupillary distance), they do not increase the effect of relief and are simply designed for the binocular comfort of the observer. Low magnification, they are also referred to as theater twins.

Available for download in 3D formats: c4d, obj, max, 3ds, fbx, mental ray, v-ray, advanced render.


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