We present today through the blog of 3D library, the 3D model of a fryer brand Philips.

A fryer is a cooking utensil that allows frying food. In the 20th century, it became a household electrical appliance.

Commonly used in restaurants and communities, domestic models are available and have become common in countries with the tradition of preparing fries at home.

However, the fryer allows the preparation of other dishes.

Until the appearance of an electric fryer equipped with a thermostat for full frying, the crouton of bread thrown into the frying was the best way to determine the ideal temperature of frying (frying) for frying Fry) from frying (food). The second interest was to avoid the overheating of the fat and its consequence: the boil over with its risks of severe burns and even fire. The only effective way to extinguish the flames of a fry is to cover it with a wet and wringed cloth.

Available for download in formats: max, obj, c4d, fbx, v-ray, scanline, advanced render, mental ray.



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