Here is today the 3D model of a rigged cartoon, that of a hamster.

Hamsters (Cricetinae) are small rodents of the family Cricetidae that form the subfamily Cricetinae. There are several species, divided into different genera. Some species are raised in captivity as a pet, for animal testing or for their fur. The first was the golden hamster, which now exists in multiple colored varieties and, more recently, dwarf species such as Roborovski’s hamster, Russian hamster, Campbell’s hamster and Chinese hamster.

They should not be confused with hamsters-moles that belong to the subfamily Myospalacinae, nor with the Hamster Imhause, or Rat crested, which belongs to the subfamily Lophiomyinae.

Available in 3D formats: obj, 3ds, Fbx, Max 8, Stl.


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