In the middle of the week, we highlight the 3D model of a boat, that of a tug in 3D.

Tugs are relatively small, very powerful and highly manoeuvrable boats used to guide, pull, push large boats into and out of ports, and assist them in particular during docking maneuvers.

There are also larger buildings used for towing oil rigs that can withstand the heavy weather.

Some of these high seas tugs are used for surveillance and eventual towing of cargo ships and other large vessels in difficulty, for example in the English Channel.

The two tugs assigned to the safety of the Channel are: the Abeille Bourbon (based in Brest replacing the Abeille Flanders) which monitors the rail of Ouessant and Abeille Liberté (based in Cherbourg which replaced the Bee Languedoc) now overseeing the open sea of ​​Cotentin. Abeille Flandre and Abeille Languedoc are sister-ships.

Available for sale in 3D formats: 3ds, fbx, max, mxs, Scandline, obj, Fryender, Mental Ray, Dxf.


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