3D Library history

3D Library history

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3D Library is a deposit online sale for the purchase of 3D files and original creations for textures, shaders, HDRI images and video tutorials dedicated to training on all 3D software market.
We are even 3D graphic designer 1 and 1 Webmaster, 3D Library was completely done by us.


Between November 2011 and May 2013, we tested our concept of selling online 3D files on forums and various groups of "geeks" all specialized in 3D.
This first step allowed us to optimize our offer.
At first we were proposing that 200 3D objects exclusively from our own 3D production.
Our objects were divided into 5 categories: public buildings, homes, roads, street furniture, objects and textures.
Our scenes roads (intersections, roundabouts, pedestrian streets ...) are still to this day 3D scenes found on the net.

We include very fast FTP space for automated deposits 3D/2D files.
Since we received over 5,000 3D files from Evermotion known as graphic designers, but also more than a hundred independent expert designers origins Russians, Egyptian, French, Turkish, Chinese, Indonesian .....

We have added additional topics: characters, cartoons, transport (cars, bikes, planes, boats), electrical items, plants, interior scenes, HDRI images.
We have also created a section "resources" dedicated to Shaders, Landscapes and some useful 3D FreeWare.

The Launch:

May 2013, our concept is fully optimized (SEO and graphics), and we have enough online content to start being credible.

February 2014:

Opening of our forum!!
- Team 3D Library -
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