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SOS Maya commande MEL

Messagepar 3dlibrary » Ven 5 Sep 2014 20:47

Hello everyone,

Here is a request from a 3D artist that a problem with Maya MEL command:
 Hi everyone,

If someone can help me with a piece of answer to the problem I'm facing, described below:

the following MEL command: characterizationCreate(); doens't work in Maya2015.

I've tested it in Maya 2015 SP2 and SP3, in several test conditions (complete reset of user prefs, etc), but unsuccessfully, and with this error message:

Error: Cannot find procedure "characterizationCreate"

This procedure works like a charm in Maya 2013 with SP installed (test also failed in Maya 2014 with SP, like in 2015). I don't understand why it's randomly detected (sometimes it colorizes in the script Editor), but it doesn't execute (so I can't use it as is).

I need to script the creation of a humanIK structure in Maya to automatically recreate this "Character" (and its control Rig) and reconnect on a skinned human character, which will go through futures modifications and then has to be re-riggable automatically.
This procedure I try to get working should do the job.

In theory, this procedure exists(-ed) to automatically create a "Character" node and connect its definition to a skeleton in the Maya scene (the well-known "characterization" from Motionbuilder).

Very few info are available about this (I'm takling about the overall MEL procedures for the HumanIK), strangely. No documentation, no commands list, and no info beyon Maya 2012. No work around either. These are the rare infoI've found:

- some of the detailed main MEL commands found on the excellent weblog "Maya Station":
- Team 3D Library -
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