cialis tadalafil 100 Lora Missile, single stage ballistic missile 

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Lora Missile, single stage ballistic missile

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LORA (Long Range Attack) missile is developed by Israel as a quasiballistic missile. Using GPS and TV guidance, it can deliver a 570kg warhead 300km. Easily transportable in launch cells, the missile can be launched from land and sea.
Author : Visual Motion. This missile includes shaders or textures, and is perfect for organizing a 3D war game.

viagra recreatif Fold out tail fins - 2k texture and bump maps File Formats : cob, blender, 3ds, obj, dxf, direct x, dae, fbx Original design in TrueSpace6.6, converted in Blender 2.66a

Textures et materiaux : Yes
Nb polygons : 993
Nb vertices : 1950
Uv mapped :Yes
UVs : No

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Lora Missile

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